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Tilt have been operating drones for the film industry since 2009, our team has extensive experience on large film sets. We understand the intricacies of set dynamics and the specialized lingo and workflow of various types of film sets. Our expertise spans working with Main Unit, independently handling Plates, Splinter and 2nd Unit. We provide valuable creative input while prioritizing safety to mitigate drone-related hazards on set.

With deep local knowledge of Norway and equipment designed for arctic operations, we are well-prepared to handle the most challenging environments. 

We offer service productions for smaller teams that require drone footage as well as other angles from the ground.

We are certified by EASA in the Specific category and carry insurance that will meet any production standards. Whether it's a large-scale production or a smaller project, our team strives to deliver exceptional results every time.


Our team of experienced drone pilots understands the intricacies of aerial cinematography. We've worked on a diverse range of projects, from feature films to commercials, ensuring that we can meet the unique demands of your production.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

We invest in the latest drone technology to deliver stunning, high-resolution footage. Our fleet is equipped with advanced cameras and stabilization systems, guaranteeing smooth and professional results every time.

Safety First

Safety is our top priority. Our pilots are certified professionals who adhere to the highest safety standards. We obtain all necessary permits and permissions to ensure compliance with local regulations, giving you peace of mind throughout the filming process.

Custom Solutions

Every project is unique, and we tailor our services to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need sweeping panoramic shots, dynamic action sequences, or intricate close-ups, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life.

Our team


Daniell P. Ashby


Daniell is a Norway based pioneer in drone technology since 2009.

Known for building one of the first drones carrying a Red Epic cinema camera, Daniell has earned global recognition, particularly for his expertise in operating drones in Arctic conditions.

Daniell is a specialist in navigating Norway's diverse landscapes, leveraging his intimate knowledge to capture stunning visuals that reflect the beauty of the country.

Daniell's legacy extends beyond awards, influencing the next generation of drone enthusiasts and shaping the future of aerial cinematography.

Our services


Film and Television Production:

Elevate your storytelling with stunning aerial visuals that add depth and perspective to your narrative.


Advertising and Marketing:

Make a lasting impression with captivating aerial shots that showcase your product, location, or brand in a unique and compelling way.


Events and Live Productions: 

Capture the excitement of events, concerts, and live performances from exhilarating angles that traditional cameras can't reach.


Real Estate: 

Showcase properties like never before with aerial views that highlight the beauty and features of homes, commercial spaces, and landscapes.

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